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Randy Wolf with Wolf Enterprises says:

Without leads your business can’t succeed. Instant Live Leads work. They’ll make growing your business so much easier!!

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Frequently Asked Questions
How Are These Leads Generated?
These leads are generated from generic online ads that share the benefits of working from home.  The ads are placed by large affiliate networks and publishers through banners, email marketing and other channels.
Are these leads shared with others?
These prospects could be shared with 1-2 other opportunities, but never with someone in your same opportunity.  However, prospects often fill out more than one promotion online, so expect that they are looking and being contacted by others sharing their businesses as well.
How Fresh Are the Leads?
These leads are generated online and go through a stringent process of verification and validation.  After passing our tests, they are eligible to go to you. The leads should be from 0-1 hour old when you receive them into your email.
Can I see A Sample Ad?
Although many ad versions are running everyday and being tested, here is a sample to give you an idea of what a consumer might see.
How Much Can These People Invest?
Unfortunately, there's no way to know what people are willing to invest. In the past, asking this right on the ad was a way to find out, which ultimately turned out to be a dissapointment. What we found out was that everyone was willing to invest any amount into a business if they see the value and its presented properly.
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